Developer Relations Manager

LOCATION We are looking for a candidate in any of these locations: Oslo, Dundee, Wroclaw or Berlin.

About the position

As Developer Relations Manager in the Opera Gaming Business Unit you will be the main point of contact for commercial studios. You will champion Game Maker Studio (GMS) innovations and advantages with developers and studios of all sizes. You will provide feedback from our partners to help influence the GMS product roadmap and strategy. Your credibility with, and empathy for game developers combined with the ability to think beyond the day-to-day are more important than your knowledge of the most popular titles at all times. You will also work closely with the business leadership team providing strategic guidance and putting plans into action with a globally distributed team.


  • Manage relationship with high priority studios and publishers
  • Develop and execute developer outreach and onboarding strategy
  • Communicate and advise studios on new GameMaker features and updates
  • Connect studios with the expert on the GameMaker team
  • Proactively engage with the game development community, meeting them where they are.
  • Give talks at industry events
  • Have a strong vision for where the industry is going, and stay on top of new technologies that may prove disruptive in the future & what this means for GMS’s strategy
  • Work with marketing to organise developer events and organise Game Jams


  • Bachelor’s degree in information systems, computer science, or a related field.
  • Strong oral and written communicator
  • Previously worked in the games industry and familiar with game development processes
  • Resourceful problem solver
  • Familiar with GameMaker or other game engines
  • Worked in an Account Management environment


We will review applications on a rolling basis, apply now!

About us

YoYo Games joined the Opera family in January 2021. We believe in an open, relaxed and fun environment where creativity and talent thrive and is encouraged every day. From our humble beginnings, we have always ensured that GameMaker was built and developed with usability and efficiency in mind – and that’s no different today. A single code base and a low barrier to entry coupled with a very high skill ceiling mean we accommodate all levels of user, from the hobbyists to the seasoned developers. We then allow all games to run natively across a multitude of platforms including PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, OS X, HTML5, Linux, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT.

Looking forward, Opera has big plans for YoYo Games and GameMaker. Together with Opera GX, GameMaker will form the cornerstone of Opera Gaming - a new division focused on expanding Opera’s reach and capabilities within the gaming space.

Opera is a Norwegian company founded in 1995 publicly listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.